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KAL (Knit ALong) | CAL (Crochet ALong) #tejijuntas

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What does it mean?

KAL/CAL means knitting together, which also led to the creation of the hashtag #tejijuntas, a wordplay that also means knitting together. Does it ring a bell? That’s because you may have participated in one. If you have not tried it yet, keep reading:



How does it work?

One person or a group of people decide to program a meeting in the social network to gather a group of knitters and knit a specific pattern during the same period of time. The KAL/CAL are usually done on-line, through groups of Ravelry, Facebook or other media.


You just have to sign in and share the process. You can also post your doubts, pictures and a lot of feelings. It is a funny way to knit in the company of others and to establish deadlines to end your projects.



KAL/CAL Barcelona Knits 2019

During the first edition of Barcelona Knit, several KAL/CAL were organized spontaneously to knit summer garments and use them at the fair. The hashtag #melotejoparabcnknits became popular and accompanied us during the previous months to the event. It was not the only one though, in different social networks, we saw how different groups of knitters made some projects stitch by stitch. All these arrangements helped us a lot during the organization of the first fair specialized in wools in Barcelona.


We were touched when we saw all those projects during the fair. So we have decided to open this space to thank each one of the knitters that organize and spend time, yarn and energy with the KAL/CAL #melotejoparabcnknits.


If you want to start using your needles, here you will find all the information you need.



Do you want to participate in any KAL/CAL organized for Barcelona Knits 2019? 

Down here you will meet the several KAL/CAL and its organizers



Do you want to organize a KAL/CAL with your friends for Barcelona Knits 2019?

Contact us here

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