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Feliz y Punto

Feliz y Punto

Feliz y Punto is far more than just a hand-dyed fiber’s brand, dyed by Justina. If you are into the best fibers, the combination of colors, knitting and enjoying every moment, you have just found a treasure.

Justina grew up in Poland where she learned how to dye wools since she was very young. Some years later, she met her passion again while she was waiting for her first daughter. Since then, she creates magic with new colors. That way she can make knitters like you happy.

Justina bets on the slow life. Because of that, she chooses the bases with lots of love and dyes   them in small packs with acid (but not toxic dyes) and uses edible-quality citric acid to set the color. In order to reduce the environmental impact, she always reuses the leftover water.

Feliz y Punto’s yarns are of high quality. She collaborates with farms that guarantee the fair and human treat to its sheep flock and their workers.

Her natural color palette is inspired in flowers, plants, and spices and go from soft to saturated tones. If you don’;t find the tone you are looking for, you can ask them for your skein on demand. Justina will help you look for your most personal color, that perfect combination to knit your unique projects. If you want to get a grasp of Justina’s happiness, we encourage you to follow her blog about slow life and knitting. You will learn about her life’s philosophy, post by post


Seda 40

Seda 40 is a yarn with a special touch and shine due to its high silk content. Thanks to its 4 ply structure, the thread offers a fluffiness and lightness with a natural drape. It is perfect to knit all types of garments and shawls with a luxury touch during the year.

  • Composition: 60% merino and 40% silk.
  • Length: 425 m/ 100 g
  • Weight: fingering
  • Needles: 2,5-3- 5 mm
  • Mulesing-free 
  • Care: hand-wash, let it dry horizontally without twisting it. 

Luxury Sock

It is a soft yarn, with a beautiful 3 ply twist and a great stitch definition. The luxurious mixture of yarn, silk, and cashmere grants the maximum softness, elegant shine, and spectacular drape. The composition grants a unique absorption of the dye and as a consequence, a gorgeous color to include in your garments.

  • Composition: 70% SW merino, 20% silk and 10% cashmere
  • Length: 400 m/100g
  • Needles: 2,5-3,5 mm
  • Mulesing-free 
  • Cares: hand-wash, let it dry horizontally without twisting it


Yakme is a single ply yarn with a luxurious composition: yak, merino, and silk.

Yak is a bovine that is bred mainly in the mountains of central Asia. Its yarn is a sustainable alternative to Cashmere. A single yak produces an average of 100g of yarn each year, barely a fingering Weight skein. It is extremely soft, with the additional benefit of producing less fuzz than any other fiber. The yak yarn is lasting, breathable, light, and has some incredible thermal properties, which maintain the freshness in summer and warmth in winter. 

  • Composition: 65% SW merino, 20% silk and 15% yak
  • Length: 480 m/ 120 g
  • Needles: 2,5-3,75mm
  • Mulesing-free 
  • Care: hand-wash, let it dry horizontally without twisting it. 

Who is behind Feliz y Punto?

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