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Pontelana is a small brand of handmade wool created in Lleida.

Eugenia spins balls of wool with great care, one by one with her spinning wheel. After that, she dyes them with natural dyes that comes from food, such as onion skin and flowers from her surroundings, such as chamomile, broom or palo campeche.

She elaborates her products in an artisanal and ecological way in her small workshop. Each ball and skein are unique due to their individualized production process and the constant changes of the dyes and the spinning wheel.


Yarn spun by hand and dyed using only natural dyes

Skein spun by hand using a spinner and dyed with natural dyes and mordants.

Because of this composition of 100% merino of 21 micros, it is fluffy and very soft yarn, that is not itchy and with which you will be able to knit all the projects you want to: hats, scarfs, shawls, sweaters, etc. 

As it is dyed with natural dyes, you will be able to see the waves formed in the color and the spin that gives them that artisanal touch that will make your needles dance.

  • Composition: 100% merino 
  • Length: 110 – 130 m. approx./ 100 g
  • Weight: Aran or Bulky 
  • Needles: 6, 5 or 7 mm

Yarn dyed with natural dyes

Each skein, 100% merino, is hand-dyed using natural dyes. It is a thin and smooth yarn, ideal to knit whatever you want, from shawls to sweaters.

As it is dyed with natural dyes, you will be able to see the waves formed in the color making your project to acquire different tones that will grant that special artisanal touch to your garment.

  • Composition: 100% merino
  • Length: 290 m/ 100 g
  • Weight: DK 
  • Needles: 3,5 – 4 mm

Hand-dyed cotton using natural fibers and mordants

The organic cotton, which comes from Sevilla is very soft, so your projects are smooth and fluffy and you can create any project you want to. 

As it is a skein dyed with natural dyes, it is possible to appreciate the waves that are formed in the color and that will give that special artisan touch to your garments.

  • Composition: 100% cotton. 
  • Length: 110 m approx./ 50 g
  • Weight: DK

Who is behind Pontelana?

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