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In Aida’s attic, Tíntica was born. It is a place full of plants, roots, leaves, flowers, husks and fruits. The pots steam and the alchemy emerges, as a result wools are treated with love and patience.

Thanks to Aida’s work, knitting becomes a sensorial experience. Furthermore, she uses high-quality national wools to promote the Spanish wool industry.


Naturally dyed wools

While dyeing with natural elements you obtain harmonious, cozy, and life full colors. Fingering sock, sport, dk silk, worsted, all of them with a common denominator: high-quality merino wool (min. 19 microns) dyed exclusively with plants, flowers, leaves, roots, barks, etc.


Dyeing equipment: natural speckles

After the good reception of the original Natural dyeing equipment, in which you learn and experience the adventure of dyeing you down skein in a relaxed way, the version 2.0 is born: Natural Speckles

With this kit, you will learn how to dye your own skein using only plants and other natural elements, but this time using a different technique to obtain speckles of different colors. On it is also attached a link to a secret video tutorial as means of visual help. It is a versatile kit, as you can choose which colors use and which not, so you can create a unique skein. 

All the kits will be available in 4 languages: Spanish, English, French, and German.


Dyeing equipment: triple cochineal

In this new version, you will go deeper into the secrets of natural dyeing. From the same dye (in this case “cochineal”) you will learn how to obtain 3 different tonalities only changing the water properties. The result: 3 mini skeins of 50g in pale pink, orangish-red, and fuchsia.

As in the rest of the kits, the wool is 85% extra thin merino sw / 15% nylon in fingering thickness (100g/400m). Wonderful high-quality sock wool. With it, you will be able to knit a nice pair of striped socks or with different sections of color or whatever another garment in which you need 3 different colors. 

This kit is designed for all those who want to start in the natural dyes world as well as for all those people who already have previous knowledge about it.

Who is behind Tíntica?

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