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Behind Barcelona Knits you will find four knitters and wool lovers.


Anna Chao


Eva Rodríguez


Kiara Bonini


Marta MartÍnez


Anna Chao @misswasabi81

I am from Barcelona and I absolutely love this city. My first encounter with wool dates from my childhood. My mom taught me to knit and I spent all my adolescence knitting scarfs for my friends. It was five years ago, in a life-changing moment of my life, that I rediscovered knit and it captivated me. Ravelry opened a new world of possibilities and, since then, I have been knitting compulsively.

Apart from knitting, my other big passion is to travel, to visit new places and learn from different cultures. When I join both passions… I am even happier! That is why I created, along with Marta, @tricosabi, a visual guide of our woolly routes through Europe.

Ravelry: misswasabi81


Crochet skills0%
Abilty with the two needles0%
Fear of undoing0%
Accumulated stash0%
Fingering addiction0%


Crochet skills0%
Abilty with the two needles0%
Fear of undoing0%
Accumulated stash0%
Half way projects0%

Eva Rodríguez @lalanalu

Self-confessed fabric lover. My maternal grandmother taught me to knit when I was just a kid and since then I have never stopped doing it. I love both knitting and crocheting and I find it impossible to decide between one of the two techniques. In fact, I could spend the whole day knitting and watching TV-shows on Netflix.

Five years ago, I started knitting something with Kiara, and together we created Lalanalú, a small wool shop with incredible ideas. There I spend all my day knitting and teaching. So if you go by Lalanalú, don’t be surprised if you find me with a ball of yarn on my hands.

Ravelry: mevasevateva

We have joined our experience, knowledge and love for yarn to organize the first wool-specialized fair of Barcelona.

Kiara Bonini @lalanalu

I was born in Brasil but, I have been living in Barcelona for six years now. Here I am the co-proprietary of the wool shop Lalanalú. When I was a little girl, my mother taught me to knit and I use to create small dresses for my dolls. Eventually I stopped doing it, but that was eight years ago that my hands asked me to do it again. so… back to work! Since then, I have not stopped crochetting, mainly complements, that is what I like the most.

My other passions are painting and self-knowledgement, especially astrology, meditation and yoga.

Ravelry: kiarabonini


Crochet skills0%
Abilty with the two needles0%
Fear of undoing0%
Accumulated stash0%
Change the project on the half way0%


Crochet skills0%
Abilty with the two needles0%
Fear of undoing0%
Accumulated stash0%
Desire to start a new project0%

Marta Martínez @tricotoseando

Barcelonian, from the 80s and wool addict.

I am the daughter and grand-daughter of knitters, I was born with needless under my arms and I haven’t been able to let them go. I combine my job in the audiovisual sector and with my lessons on knitting and crocheting but, if I had to choose between them, I would choose knitting. I like color pink, the beach and Sunday spring mornings.

Ravelry: tricotoseando

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